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Tuesday, May 24, 2011


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That's interesting, thanks very much for posting! I noticed your article through Twitter.

Feed the Future, particularly from my perspective in Ghana, had so much potential with aims to redefine how USAID does business. Unfortunately, I feel so far FtF has taken a step in the wrong direction by failing to listen to ground realities. USAID has a flagship market development project in Ghana which was just about tipping the scale with positive traction, and now after 1.5 yrs into the game, is forced to re-organize, divest from high-impact work, only to focus on a geographic area north of the 8th parallel where traction is very low and agriculture transformation is unlikely given the few willing and able players, and more unlikely given the aid sector-driven market distortions for those players who do exist.

Seems like another classic story of top donor management being highly disconnected from field realities, particularly at the operational levels.

"Ending hunger" is a process, very likely a long process, and going for quick wins ends up in a loss in the end.

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