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Thursday, May 16, 2013


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Interesting this list did not even mention the necessity to reduce the consumption of livestock products. 1 kg of beef can take 10 kgs of grain. 80% of corn and soy grown in the US is grown for livestock.
In short, you can produce many more calories by growing food for direct human consumption rather than innefficiently cycling calories through animals who then are eaten as food.
There are currently 60billion animals involved in livestock each year (FAOSTAT).
This is to mention nothing of the carbon footprint of meat, eggs, and dairy (the UN claims that livestock contributes more to climate change than all transportation combined).
The projection that agricultural output will need to double by mid century assumes a business as usual path in which developing countries continue to adopt diets job in animal products and developed countries keep eating a lot of meat.
I recommend reading about this by starting with the UN FAO's 2006 study "Livestock's Long Shadow."
I ve also written a bit more about the negative externalities of the global livestock sector at thecostofdiet.wordpress.com.

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